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» Rejected list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) .
Rejected list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) .
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» Provisional list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) of Arts .
Provisional list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) of Arts .
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» Provisional list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) of Science .
Provisional list for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20) of Science .
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» Notice and application form for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20)
Notice and application form for admission in D.El.Ed. Course (2018-20)
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» Welcome to the website of DIET Bhagalpur.........
Welcome to the website of DIET Bhagalpur.........
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District Profile :-

Bhaghalpur is a city of historical importance on the bank of Ganges river, situated 220 km. east of Patna and 410 km west of Kolkata, Bhagalpur being an important junction between Delhi and Bengal, continued to be a popular destination throughout the medieval history During the Tughlaq period it was a mint town and was greatly patronized by the Mughals.

Todays Bhagalpur is Champavati of 5th century B.C.It was a period when earliest Indian empire was evolving the Gangatic plains and “Anga” was one of the sixteen Mahajanpadas that flourished Reference to Bhagalpur can be found in Indian epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata where Bhagalpur has been described as the Kingdom of Anga. Ancient sculpture from Emperor Ashoka’s reign from 274 to 232 B.C. are found in the neighborhood and at Sultanganj 25 km. west to Bhagalpur, a temple from the Gupta’s period still exists the tomp of Suja, brother of Mughal emperor Auranzed, in the heart of the town is the reminiscent of the city’s association with the Mughal period Bhagalpur also have a Dargah of Shawaz Rahmat-ullah near Bhagalpur Railway Station, one of the most popular place of Muslims. The Jain temple at Nathnagar (a suburb of Bhagalpur) is important pilgrimage centre for jains Burhanath temple is ancient Shiva temple on the bank of Ganges. Sultanganj is an important religious center for Hindus from where holy water of Ganges is carried and offered at Deoghar.

The Royal University of Vikramshila, 38 km. from Bhagalpur ranks next to Nalanda and owes its origin to Dharampad (770-810A.D.) the devout Pala kind who loved to call himself pamasaugata (chief workshiper of the Budha) and was a great patron of Mahayana Budhism.

Bhagalpur has had a rich cultural history. It is said that the legendary Rabindra Nath Tagore lived in Bhagalpur, as did the two great personalities of Hindi cinema, Ashok Kumar & Kishore Kumar Their moestral home is still present in Bhagalpur. One of the most famous perary figures of Hindi literature, Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay is reported to have written his classic work “Devdas” amidst the scenic beauty of the river Ganges in Bhagalpur.

Bhagalpur is situated in the plain of Ganga basin at a height of 141 feet above sea level. It covers an area of 2570 sq.km. it lies between 25-07’ N latitude and between 86-37’ to 87-30’ E longitude. The district is surrounded by Munger, Khagaria, Madhepura, Purnea, Katihar and Banka districts of Bihar and Godda & Sahebganj districts of Jharkhand. On the basis of assumed average growth Bhagalpur has been ranked as 120th fastest growing city in the world and 20th fastest growing city in India. Bhagalpur is second biggest city of Bihar and primarily has an Agrarian economic. Rice wheat and makka are the main crops.

The silk industry in this city is more than 200 years old and a whole clan exists that has been producing silk for generations. Bhagalpur is well known for its sericulture, manufacture of silk yarn and weaving them into lovely products. This silk is of district and special type. It is known as Tusser silk. Silk weaving is an age old traditional household industry of Bhagalpur. That is why the city is called as SILK CITY. The Government of India established Weavers’ Service Centre in 1974 with a view to develop handloom silk industry in the stateof Bihar. The silk industry has faced stiff competition with machine made fabric. As a result, the industry is almost on the verge of collapse. The Govt. is now typing to renovate this sector. Bhagalpuri silk home furnishing made ups are slowly becoming popular in the overseas markets.

Bhagalpur is also famous for its mangoes and Katarni rice both having a district taste & flavor. It is a customary to send a gift pack of “Jardalu mangoes” of Bhagalpur to Hon. President of Indian and to all central Minister & M.Ps every year.

Infrastructure, Drinking water, Roads, Energy, Poverty, Employment profile

Problem of drinking water is not acute in the district, water table is at moderate level, in rural areas, hand pump is the main source of drinking water. In urban areas central water supply system is working However in a particular area of the district named Kola Khurd in Jagdishpur block traces of arsenic is found in water Special arrangement is being made by the state government for supply of drinking water in this area. NH-31 and NH-80 pass Bhagalpur district. The vikramshila setu on Ganga river connects NH-80 to NH31. The district has also a very good road network. The total length of P.W.D. roads is 287km and R.E.O. roads 263 km. Bhagalpur lies on the broad gauge loop line of Eastern railway running from Kiul to Burdwman. A branch line runs from Bhagalpur to Mandar Hill. Banka is also connected to rail route recently North Bhagalpur is served by Barouni-Katihar section of North Frontier Railsya. Bhagalpur has a Thermal Power Plant at Kahalgoan (N.T.P.C>) that supplier electricity to the district. Villages are being electrified under Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Programme. In Bhagalpur district 5,42,000 rural households are below poverty line which is 27.5% of total population, The average area of land possessed per household is found to be 0.42 hectare. Today the city’s primary employer is the Public Sector with little Private Sector Involvement. This has resulted in widespread migration of people for the search of jobs to other parts of the country.